Becoming A Scientist

Chibuzo Enemchukwu

How does who you are affect your health? With one foot in social psychology and the other in virology, clinical fellow Chibuzo Enemchukwu is going to the roots of some of medicine’s thorniest problems.


Terrestrial treasures

Therapeutics has gone underground. From one bag of soil, chemists can now procure millions of microbial molecules. Any one could be tomorrow’s lifesaving medicine.


Beyond recognition

For the brain, seeing a face is very different from seeing a teacup. In studying a mysterious ailment, face blindness, scientists are getting a rare glimpse into the biology of the mind.


Fat is beautiful, especially beige fat

Long considered the enemy of health, it turns out there’s more to fat than meets the eye. New research has raised the tantalizing possibility that fat cells themselves could be allies in fighting obesity.


Michael W. Young

The more he looked, the prettier the science became. Young’s work on the biological clock led to trailblazing discoveries of genes that make all organisms tick—and to a Nobel Prize.