Stay or go? Left or right?

Life is full of binary choices, even for small animals like fruit flies. With new technologies, scientists can now dissect the mechanisms of decision making in the simplest of brains, at the levels of individual molecules, cells, and networks.


Joel E. Cohen

Darwin's idea changed our view of the world and is conventional wisdom for today's biologists. Meanwhile, mathematicians are still figuring out how to handle it.

Becoming a scientist

Priya Rajasethupathy

Memories are inherently shifty. A neuroscientist with a new lab of her own, Priya Rajasethupathy likens the brain’s memory function to Wikipedia—always evolving, occasionally unreliable.


The future of TB is TBD

Deadly and elusive, M. tuberculosis has ravaged the world for centuries. Armed with new technologies to study the pathogen, scientists may finally be poised to intervene.