Brain science has only just begun

We are far from understanding how even the simplest nervous systems work, says neuroscientist Cori Bargmann. But every step is leading to new surprises.

Becoming A Scientist

Carlos Rico

It took two years to get his sample, and three more to master his method. But by the end of his graduate training, Carlos Rico had nailed it: a new system to pinpoint candidate drugs.


Günter Blobel

More than 30 years ago, Blobel took the first step toward running an experiment in a cell-free system. Today, his approach remains essential to how biologists seek answers.


The long-neglected culprit of Alzheimer's

Despite decades of study, we know surprisingly little about why neurons fail and memories fade. One researcher is finding clues where few others have looked—in the brain’s blood chemistry.


An end in sight

Medical science is holding its breath. For decades, the most it could do for people with HIV was to prevent them from dying of AIDS. Now, new therapies are raising hopes for something more: a world in which the virus will no longer cause suffering or fear.